Facility organization

Park Ownership

The new park will be one of 13 parks owned by the City of Three Rivers.  They currently have parks ranging in size from under 2000 square feet to over 18 acres.  The sports complex will now be the largest at nearly 80 acres consisting of multi-use fields and other recreational activities.   The sports complex will be managed and operated by a separate non-profit organization during the playing season. 

The River Country Sports Commission (RCSC) is a 501(c)3 organization with a mission to provide safe, quality playing fields for recreation and competition, for youth and amateurs, to play and have fun through sport.  


River country sports commission

Management and Operations

The River Country Sports Commission (RCRS) was formed out of a partnership between Three Rivers Rocket Football, AYSO 1197, Three Rivers Little League, and the City of Three Rivers. Through a user agreement/lease with the city, they will manage and oversee the daily operations of the facility during the playing season. 

With quality, knowledgeable operations and staff, RCSC will be able to provide a fun and challenging experience for players of all ages. It is our goal to further our reach through growth and expansion which includes finding further possibilities through additional sports, recreation and field development. 

The RCSC Board is equipped and experienced in promoting and maintaining successful youth sport related programming. They have the ability to attract entities for outside events and to run the local programs. Together the board has a range of contacts in each of their respective programs to attract local and regional teams to the area. 


Facility Summary

In summary, the Three Rivers Sports Complex is truly a unique asset with a significant potential to enhance the Three Rivers area and St. Joseph County‚Äôs recreational opportunities. As a community resource, it gives evidence to residents that parks and recreational facilities are truly open to all. 

The key to moving forward will be to communicate a clear vision and balancing facility utilization between using it as a park amenity and using it as a sports complex. It is this blend of existing opportunities, unique facility spaces, committed leadership and growing market need that point to a future filled with potential to provide the residents and visitors to Three Rivers with opportunities to connect, grow, and prosper. 



RCSC Field Reservation Request (pdf)


RCSC Job Application (pdf)


Armstrong Park Brochure (pdf)



Three Rivers Little League

T.J. Baker

Mike Elifritz

AYSO 1197

Nicole Sturwold

Gary Crippen

Three Rivers Rocket Football

Jared Hoffmaster, Vice President

Mike Tilbury

City of Three Rivers

Doug Humbert, Treasurer

Melissa Bliss, Secretary


Curt Penny, President

Kim Losik

Cameron Nevins