How will the park be managed and maintained?

The sports complex will be owned by the City of Three Rivers and managed by a separated non-profit group. 

What will happen to the current ball fields in the city?

Phase 1 of the sports complex will include 4 baseball/softball fields so there is still a need to continue to use the ball diamonds on Broadway and Constantine Street.  

Will this raise my taxes?

No, Phase 1 is being constructed with the funds from the St. Joseph County Grant as well as other public and private funds.  A millage is not needed to construct Phase 1. 

Will this lead to the city annexing my property?

No.  Legally, the city cannot annex a property without the property owners permission.  The city has stated that it has no intention of annexing anyone's property. 

Who will be able to use this new park?

This will be a public park, open to all.  Preference will be given to the Three Rivers youth sports organizations for field use but we encourage everyone to come out and use the amenities that the park has to offer.  

When will it be completed and open for use?

Construction is scheduled to be completed by December 31, 2108 for Phase 1 with the fields open for use by the fall of 2019.